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Online exhibitions provide a canvas for brands to showcase their products portfolio, providing the perfect setting for a great get-together of suppliers and distributors with a varied set of spectators looking for services and want to cash on the opportunity with a great bargain and long-term business commitment.

As we talk in 2019 with global trends and communication media making the world shrink between parties – it is necessary to highlight the availability of resources and data and with this, visibility has increased the reach of the brand and as we expand our horizons and borders globally, we tend to reach higher goals without much effort.

As a byproduct of globalization – we can connect with the best suppliers and distributors who are willing to showcase their portfolio without the hassles of any physical travel and yet utilizing all the comparative advantages each and every country offer in return for your growing business.

So, when we compare as an exhibitor and visitor, global visibility offers the following benefits:

For Exhibitor:

  • Worldwide exposure
  • Participation in international exhibitions open all year round
  • Low operation cost
  • Able to target new markets in any country
  • Unlimited number of visitors
  • Visitor interaction at no cost
  • No time or geographical limits
  • Easy to be found within your business sector
  • Healthy competitive environment since all exhibitors dispose of the same tools, spaces, etc.
  • No financial implication with respect to hidden charges
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Access to the pavilion from all internet devices
  • No physical presence required
  • No need to inform your clients by massive emails or SMS or another type of campaigns about anything new happening in your company; just place it on your pavilion and use its tools to inform everybody via social media, newsroom, conference reservation, etc.

For Visitors

  • Virtually visit the international pavilions without visa hassles.
  • Get a global view and aspect of your business sector suppliers and vendors
  • Collect valuable information and material
  • Develop business relationships
  • Exchange business cards
  • Do international market research
  • Learn and adopt new good practices
  • Learn about new things happening in the market of your choice of sector
  • Interact directly with the company of your interest without the interference of any internet service provider
  • Organize visits at your pace from your place of preference and for any device having access to the internet
  • Express your opinion about your business environment through social media and newsroom
  • Be part of the most important business network

Looking at these advantages, it is beneficial for the companies to opt for online expo model and reap in the benefits as soon as possible with a great interactive setup that will blossom a new global business network generating new demand for your products.

Ultradefair as a company helps you utilize these benefits with being the first company in India to introduce the online expo model where exhibitions can be hosted virtually and live along with the offline exhibition.

Also, they are the pioneers to add in features such as a collection of real-time inquiries and offering comprehensive information regarding the product portfolio through interactive media and secured data passage to the exhibitors without any breach.


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