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Exhibitions serve as a platform for brands to showcase their strengths and products, increase brand awareness and help them move from a start-up to established companies.

Virtual Exhibitions are one of the mediums where the targeted audience can be reached out with access to numerous specific products, connecting online buyers, manufacturers and distributors for instant business deals.

This platform has grown over the last few years and has helped the sponsors and exhibitors to mop up their precious customers through visitors from across the world without breaking their wallets for travel.

Enabling of technology within the exhibition area has evolved a new set of customers looking for a fresh and unique experience of viewing the products with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality along with 3D Showcase that clearly defines the portfolio in detail to the interested clientele and contacts the relevant vendors for further business negotiations.

This presentation has gained prominence with the advantages that they bring in that include:

  • Quality visitor’s traffic coming to view your products
  • Strong conversion ratios with the sales
  • Access to all the technology that enables a faster sale
  • 24×7 availability across the globe
  • Live Stream your product brochure across given medium
  • Strengthen your brand across all the regions without any physical presence
  • See which booths are attracting the most attendees and learn from their tactics

AR and VR have helped in the direction of fruitful virtual businesses among customers and sellers and credit go to the online exhibition that has connected them through a common channel called the Internet.

Figures that have been taken from the insights of the online exhibition include

  • 8 Million Plus Visitors looking at the product portfolio
  • 38000 plus Exhibitors
  • 1 Million plus Distributors
  • 1 Million plus Products
  • 850000 Plus Catalogues
  • 105000 plus product videos

These insights reveal that over the past few years in the market – much progress has been made with more people from Oceania, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East adopting the online exhibition for showcasing the products along with visitors also coming forward to have trust in the distributors to buy their required goods.

Integration of digital payments has also been one of the motivations why we see a lot of shifting to the online exhibition mode.

Online Exhibition is being adopted across in the market in various Virtual avatars:

  • Trade Fairs
  • Product Launches
  • Career Fairs
  • Job Fairs
  • Alumni Networking Meet
  • Property Expo
  • Education Fair
  • Housing Fairs

The industries profile targets are not limited to Automobile, Chemical, Art, Agriculture, Technology, and Engineering.

Visitors profile is also large covering areas like Business Delegates, Start-up Owners, Individuals, Independent Owners, Professionals, Contractors, Decision Makers, etc.

Overall, the online exhibition has evolved from a small platform to attract the elite customers and tech-savvy distributors to a common foreground that is beneficial for all the people today with the smartphones and applications that did it to grow further in coming days.

As a matter of fact, Asia’s first exclusive virtual exhibition platform – UTF is introducing the online expo model where exhibitions can be hosted virtually and live, adding value to your offline exhibition experience with our unmatched services.

Get hold of new potential buyers, conduct fruitful brand awareness and fast user interface which are not fulfilled otherwise. Educate your visitors about the products, exhibitors, prices, availability of products, etc.


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